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Metkote Chemicals

Electrical Steel


C-3 Coating 

C-3 Coating is organic resin based which will enhance punctuality upto three times as compared to  uncoated C-0 electrical steel. This will not stand SRA (Stress relieving annealing). This is suitable for small and medium sized motors.


C-5 Coating (Chromium free)

C-5 coating chromium free, phosphate based single component. It is semi organic system organic parts gives improve punctuality during stamping operation. Inorganic part remain even after SRA at 815°C under H2 and  organic part volatilize. It is use for small and high size motor. It is useful for high temperature resistance and welability is required.


C-5 (Chromium based)

This is two component chromium based coating, one is Inorganic part and other is Organic part. This is trivalent chromium coating. 


C-6 A Coating 

This is high thickness coating with organic  resin and suitable fillers are added. This will give high surface resistivity and increase eventing increase suitable for  medium and large size motors. 

We have developed fertilizer addictive to improve performance and properties of various fertilizers.  The fertilizers like urea, DAP and NPK fertilizers.
My Approach

We approach is to delivery perfect performing product with economical beneficial to the customer. Our product values matches with innovative differential solution to the market.

Test Tubes
About me

We are manufacturer of specialty chemicals having extensive research background. We have around 20 years of experience in developing tailored made speciality performance chemicals.

Other Product

We have other products which is use in steel industries.


Pickling Corrosion in inhibitors for HCl / H2SO4

Alkaline cleaning chemical for ECL line 

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