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About Us

We  are Mumbai based manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in specificity chemicals for fertilizer and steel industries.



  1. Antifoaming Agent for NPK/DAP

  2. Urea prills/Granules strength improver

  3. NPK/DAP Granulating Aid

  4. Anticaking Agents for NPK/DAP

  5. Black colour DAP (Body colouring agent)

  6. Surface colouring Agent (Bricked, green etc.) for NPK fertilizer

We also manufacture other  products for fertilizer industries like:


  1. Defoamer

    1. Water based

    2. Oil based

    3. Ethylene oxide based

  2. Anticaking Agent

    1. Water based

    2. Oil based

  3. Granulating Aids for Urea & DAP (Prill/granules strength improver)

  4. Black body colouring agent for DAP


 Steel industries

Electrical Steel

1. C-3 Coating Solutions: Resin based.

2. C-5 Coating Solutions: Inorganic / Organic without chromium 


3. C-5 / C-6 Coating Solutions: Inorganic / Organic with chromium

4. C-6 A Coating Solutions: Resin with Inorganic pigment. 

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